In the future, all content will be layered
Savas Beatie offers a sneak peek at SmartLayers premium editions

Dumb content on smart devices

The original Amazon Kindle is almost seven years old and the first iPad was released more than four years ago. Plenty of other e-readers and tablets have followed and the digital content marketplace is vibrant. So why do we spend most of our time reading dumb content on smart devices?

I’m talking about ebooks, newspapers and magazines that are oftentimes nothing more than digital replica editions of the print versions. “Print under glass” is how they’re sometimes described and I think that sums it up.

The phone in your pocket contains more computing power than an Apollo spacecraft yet we’re still largely consuming content that rarely, if ever, takes advantage of the device’s capabilities.


One reason is because the old model works. People are used to reading content in a print format, so why change? More importantly, change is hard, expensive and often requires the publisher to overhaul their editorial and production process, all of which is costly and risky, particularly when the new model is unproven.

An alternate solution is to add digital capabilities in layers to the existing print format. IOW, keep your current editorial and production model in place but layer on digital content and capabilities as a post-production process. Test a few titles out, see which ones do well and invest in even more digital layering for the winners.

Curious to hear more about this? Join us next Tuesday, September 30, at 1:00PM ET for a short webinar where you’ll hear from a publisher who is already doing this. Click here to register now for this free webinar.


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