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My new job

I spent the last six weeks taking on some consulting projects and exploring full-time job opportunities. I've had the luxury of being very selective on both, but especially on the latter. My primary goal has been to find a role where I can have a significant impact on the organization's future. Culture is critical as well, of course; I've been looking for a team that's passionate about the business and where everyone is rallying around a common goal. Lastly, I made it clear I need to stay in Indiana, even if that means I'm on the road a lot.

I'm delighted to let you know that I've found the ideal solution that addresses all these objectives. On June 20th I'm officially joining the team at Olive Software. If you're not familiar with Olive it's probably because they only recently started expanding into the book publishing and eLearning space. Olive specializes in creating a digital presence for publishers and content owners. And although the organization is currently thriving, that's not where the Olive opportunity ends.

I spent time in Olive's Aurora office last week and came away thoroughly energized. I wanted to dive in and become a contributor to this team right then and there. I met several Olive employees throughout the day and each one of them left me with the same impression: they all love what they're doing, they deeply respect what their colleagues bring to the table and they're all enthusiastic about the future of the organization. What more could I ask for? :-)

I've got a few days to decompress a bit before I fully immerse myself in my new role at Olive next week. I can't tell you the last time I was this excited about a new job. Part of it has to do with the fact I'm stepping outside of the book publishing industry for the first time in many years. But as Kat Meyer and I realized long ago, the challenges that exist in book publishing are similar to the ones faced in other content creation and distribution industries; the length of the work and the frequency of publication doesn't really distinguish content as much in the digital model as it did in the print model.

Thanks to everyone who brought me on board for consulting work and to discuss full-time opportunities. These past six weeks have been a new experience for me and I've learned at least one very important lesson: Even though the traditional publishing industry is rapidly shrinking and the job openings are limited, there are plenty of interesting opportunities in adjacent businesses, particlarly with organizations that truly understand digital and aren't paralyzed by The Innovator's Dilemma.



Congratulations, Mr. Wikert! :)

Steve Weiss

Well played, sir. Congrats and good luck, Joe... we're looking forward to seeing your continued success and positive influence on everything you touch. Cheers!

David Mayhew

Congratulations, Joe, and good luck!

Sol Rosenberg

Congratulations! Best of luck to you!

Paolo Giovine

Congrats Joe, see you in Italy again!

Richard Swadley

Good news travels fast. I could not be happier for you! Congratulations--I am confident that you will do well.

Doug Hill

Hi Joe. I've appreciated your advice in the past couple of weeks, even more now that I've learned how busy you've been! Congrats and good luck with the new gig.

Allison Gillespie

Congratulations Joe, im really happy for you. Any company is lucky to get you!

Larry Olson

Congratulations Joe and sorry we missed each other at BEA. Best of luck at Olive Software. You'll be great.

Robert Harris

Great to hear Joe -- I love the enthusiasm in your note! The transition out of core publishing is never easy and it looks like you've made an excellent decision. If OS's work ever crosses over into the e-philanthropy space please get in touch -- best, Robert

Robert Harris, MBA
Senior Vice President, Fundraising Services
Artez Interactive
(B) 416.815.8777 Ext. 429
(M) 289-388-8661

Dan Blank

Congratulations Joe!

Cindy Kitchel

Congratulations, Joe. This sounds like a perfect fit!

Jeanenne Ray

Congratulations, Joe! Sounds great and I wish you all the best!

Robert Weisberg

Congratulations, Joe! Well said about looking at the greater content industry for the opportunities which are harder to find in publishing.

Kristen McLean

Yay! I love this idea about expanding our proverbial horizons....


Sounds like an interesting company! Congratulations Joe.

Fran Toolan

Congratulations, Joe! It's a great win for Olive. I look forward to future interactions. I hope this keeps your travel to a manageable level.


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