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Micro-consulting projects

Last week's article about my search for new full-time or consulting work generated a lot of interest. It was also nice to see the resulting surge in views of my LinkedIn profile. Thanks to everyone who tweeted and help spread the word. I now have a few short-term consulting projects underway and several more longer-term ones are also being discussed.

I've spoken with quite a few prospective clients over the past week and it's clear there's a significant need for consulting help but budgets are tight; not exactly surprising given all the cost-cutting and cutbacks taking place across the industry today. I'm finding a lot of initial guidance can be covered by answering some questions, making a few initial recommendations, and, in some cases, connecting a client with one of my contacts or an industry solution-provider I know and trust. Many of these initial engagements can even be done in an hour or less.

That's why I've now decided to set aside 8-10 hours each week for micro-consulting projects. Each will be a one-hour engagement on the phone, via Skype or Google Hangout. These micro-engagements represent a smaller committment for everyone and can help validate a client's plans and determine their next steps.

Maybe a micro-consulting project is right for your needs. If so, email me so I can send you more details and get you on the calendar.


Mark Bower

Hi Joe.
If you are planning on doing microconsulting take a look at HonestyBoxx. It's little widget you can add to a website to accept microconsulting engagements and payment. Would love your feedback http://honestyboxx.com.

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