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16 posts from November 2012

Author and publisher relationships

I had the pleasure of meeting with representatives from Schilling earlier this year as they prepared a white paper called “Author and publisher relations — how publishers stay competitive in digital publishing.” You can download the free report here.


MEF Global Consumer Survey 2012

MEF enables community networking and provides information on the mobile industry just like TOC does for the publishing industry. They also produce reports summarizing the state of the mobile commerce marketplace. Their latest report is called Global Consumer Survey 2012 and you’ll find the executive summary of it here.


Introducing the TOC Affiliate Program

We know you already say good things about TOC. Our community grows stronger every year, and we recognize we can’t take all the credit for that. So this year we’d like to share a little more than credit. Help us spread the word about the TOC NY conference on your site and we’ll pay you for each eligible registration you refer:

3-Day Pass – $100 per eligible registration
2-Day Pass – $100 per eligible registration
1-Day Pass – $50 per eligible registration


Authors as marketers

Authors are always looking for an edge. In a world where thousands of new traditionally- and self-published books are released every month it’s hard to rise above all the noise. We’re launching Author (R)evolution Day at TOC NY in February is because we realize authors need better resources to understand marketing, publicity, discovery, and distribution.