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Neutralizing Amazon: Open platforms and services will lead to ebook marketplace disruption

What would you think of a start-up who offers the following?:

  •  Selling ebooks in a model where one simple transaction gives you access to all formats (e.g., PDF, mobi and EPUB).
  • All those ebooks are available in a completely DRM-free manner. There’s no social DRM applied either.
  • Every ebook can be quickly and easily side-loaded to the device of your choice. Got a Kindle? No problem. All purchases will be sent right to it. Same goes for Nooks, Kobos, etc. No more awkward installations with USB cables.
  • No restrictions on reselling your content or loaning it to someone else. Are you finished with that ebook and have no plans to ever open it again? Why not resell it or pass it along to a friend like you’d do with a print book?
  • Enabling and, more importantly, encouraging publishers to have a direct relationship with their customers through this retailing platform.

Sounds too good to be true? I don’t think so. Here’s why…



John Hunter

Good stuff. I really like much of what Amazon does. But they are far too heavy handed and controlling for my taste. I hope good open platforms prosper.

Things like sharing an ebook should not be dictated by the large publishers, dictating to Amazon. My guess is Amazon will become less controlling, and let owners/authors/publishers, have more say over how their items are sold but it may take awhile. And more author focused solutions will keep Amazon from getting too lax on author concerns.

Amazon has some big benefits. I have not yet decided to go through Amazon's store (I sell a kindle format version via my publisher). I might give in and go with Amazon but don't like some of their practices (if it wasn't for this issue I would definitely sell it on Amazon.com too).

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