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Jesse Potash on What Make PUBSLUSH Press Different

PUBSLUSH Press has been described as "a Kickstarter for books." That's a fair comparison to some extent, but as their founder Jesse Potash points out, there already is a Kickstarter out there and they already offer some book projects! PUBSLUSH isn't simply some new self-publishing option. They're approaching the model differently and are taking some bold steps to help eradicate global illiteracy. Key points include: 

  • Crowd-funding vs. non-profit publishing  -- In the Kickstarter model the funding can be used at the author's discretion but with PUBSLUSH the funding is primarily used in "the first stage" of the publishing process.  [Discussed at 1:00]
  • Traditional editors are welcome -- PUBSLUSH not only allows editors to come in and extend offers to PUBSLUSH authors...they actually encourage it! [Discussed at 2:19]
  • Authors are never charged a dime...ever-- They're not really a self-publisher and they're far from a traditional publisher. PUBSLUSH simply falls somewhere in between the two. [Discussed at 3:10]
  • PUBSLUSH is all about discovery -- Despite the large number of titles published every year PUBSLUSH can help solve the discoverability problem. [Discussed at 3:47]
  • Community reviews are one of the features that make PUBSLUSH special -- The role is to "review, share and fund." [Discussed at 6:10]
  • Linking publishing with literacy -- For every book they sell they donate another one to a child in need. How awesome is that?! [Discussed at 11:30]


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