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Worldreader: Books for All

TOC Frankfurt is a wrap and I met a bunch of terrific people there. There's one in particular I want to call attention to: Elizabeth Wood of Worldreader. If you haven't heard of Worldreader I ask that you take a few minutes to learn about them. Their mission is to make digital books available to all in the developing world. These folks are changing lives. What more noble cause is there than that?

I'm blogging about them because there are three things I'd like you to do. First, watch the video below. We tend to take e-readers and ebooks for granted. Worldreader is using them to change the world and bring knowledge to those who might not otherwise have access to this content.

Second, I challenge you to get involved with Worldreader. What can you as a member of the publishing community do to help this organization, either through your company or on your own? I met with Elizabeth after her TOC Frankfurt session and I've offered to help them in any way I can. I encourage you to do the same.

Finally, I'm looking to raise Worldreader's awareness level throughout the publishing community. You undoubtedly have Twitter followers and Facebook friends that I don't reach. Will you help me spread the word about Worldreader by tweeting, blogging, etc., a link to their site or this post?


Thanks for an excellent post.
I agree, what better cause? In fact last week I got carried away and donated a grand to them. (I live in UK, so it's not tax deductible, but what the heck.)

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