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The Global eBook Market: Current Conditions & Future Projections

Screen shot 2011-10-09 at 11.52.41 AM 2011 has been a year of significant change in the ebook sector. This change has been uneven, leaving some countries and languages ahead of others at this point. To further complicate matters, governmental issues, tax policies and countless other local factors play a significant role in ebook adoption and growth. Up to now there hasn't been a single resource available to help you sort out the global ebook situation.

The Tools of Change (TOC) team is happy to report that we've created something that addresses this problem. It's our Global eBook Market report and it's available to you FREE via this link.

The Global eBook Market report covers most European countries as well as Brazil and China. We realize we have a few more territories we need to add and that a one-time report isn't the best solution. That's why we're going to use the outstanding O'Reilly ebook distribution platform to provide free updates going forward. You probably already know that the O'Reilly platform offers ebooks in all the popular formats. So whether you want the PDF, EPUB or mobi version of this report we've got you covered. (UPDATE: PDF is the only version available right now but we'll have the other versions posted soon.) Just head over to that link, put the product in your shopping cart and the multi-format version will be added to your account. Then, as we add and update this report you'll receive an email notification telling you when the latest version is available. Again, all of this is offered to you totally free of charge.

We're launching this report at our TOC Frankfurt event on Tuesday. In fact, the closing session of TOC Frankfurt features a short interview I'll be doing with the report's author, Ruediger Wischenbart. I hope to see you there; if not, be sure to follow what's happening at TOC Frankfurt via the #tocffm and #toccon hashtags as well as through the event's mobile app.



I believe the eBook market will face great difficulties as apple, amazon etc. cater towards ebook spamming. UNprofessional authors can publish at almost no cost. For readers as well as online book stores there will be the challenge to distinguish between quality and spam content. If the industry does not solve this problem, the eBook market will not succeed. What already is a problem in publish on demand or print on demand will be exponential in the eBook market as the entry barriers are even lower.

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