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15 posts from September 2011

Jesse Wiley: How a 200+ Year-old Company Evolves in the Econtent World

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. is a publishing house that's loaded with well-known brands. From "...For Dummies" to Frommer's, they've probably published a book you've used. They're also a 200+ year-old organization which often conjures up an inflexible operation that's reluctant to change. When you think about it though, how could they have survived the last 200 years without evolving a lot along the way?! In this TOC podcast (viewable here and below) you'll hear Jesse Wiley, a 7th-generation member of the family, describe how the organization is managing the shift from print to econtent.

Adam Salomone on Atomized, Rich & Free Content

The Harvard Common Press is a highly respected publisher of a variety of cookbooks and parenting guides. In this TOC interview (viewable here or below) we hear from their Associate Publisher, Adam Salomone, as he provides insight on curating, pricing and distributing content at its most granular level. Recipes are all over the web and many of them are free for the taking. Adam explains how publishers can not only compete with "free" but leverage it as well. He also shares his thoughts on ad-supported content and whether it's appropriate in the book publishing world.

Did You Miss the "Every Book Is a Startup" Webcast?

If so, you can now view the archive (see below or use this link). I blogged earlier about this publishing experiment O'Reilly's TOC team is working on with Todd Sattersten. It's called Every Book Is a Startup and the initial version of the ebook has been out for almost 2 months now.

Todd recently presented the concept behind this project in webcast form and I encourage you to check it out. I first saw him give this presentation at miniTOC Portland earlier this summer. Even though this was my second time hearing Todd's vision I came away as inspired the second time as I did at miniTOC. Check it out and then be sure to join the conversation about this publishing experiment.

Open Air Publishing's Jon Feldman Discusses the "Speakeasy Cocktails" iPad App

I've been saying that today's ebooks are similar to those early TV shows which were nothing more than radio programs in front of a camera. Open Air Publishing's first product, "Speakeasy Cocktails", gives us a glimpse of what an ebook can truly be. But to call it an "ebook" is to do the product a disservice. In the TOC podcast below, Open Air Publishing's Jon Feldman gives us a sense of what went into creating this terrific iPad app. Feldman also talks about how scalable their model is and also sheds light on the decision to price Speakeasy at $9.99. Despite competing with many lower-priced (and free) alternatives, the app is doing phenomenally well in the App Store. Watch the podcast and be sure to check out the app to see what a truly rich experience it offers.

Max Franke of epubli Sheds Light on the German Ebook Market

We Americans tend to be far too U.S.-centric in our analysis of the publishing industry. TOC podcasts are a great way to quickly get up-to-speed on what's happening in other countries. In the podcast interview below, Max Franke of epubli answers a number of important questions about the German ebook market. When are ebooks likely to take off in Germany? Is Amazon going to dominate there as they have so far here in the U.S.? What about Apple? How does Germany's fixed-pricing model affect ebooks? What's the future of DRM in Germany? Be sure to listen to this discussion with Max Franke to learn the essentials of what's going on in Germany.