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"Breaking the Page, Saving the Reader"

Last week I mentioned that we're busy building a series of webcasts to extend the Tools of Change (TOC) brand so that it's much more than just a couple of in-person conferences each year.  The first of those Sneak Peek webcasts is scheduled for later this month and I'll be sharing more details shortly.  In addition to webcasts we're also acquiring and developing ebooks in the TOC space.  It's great seeing speakers talk about what they're passionate about at the conference but there's also value in reading written works on similar topics.

The title of this blog post is, "Breaking the Page, Saving the Reader."  That's not some catchy phrase I came up with.  Rather, it's the title of one of our first TOC ebooks from Peter Meyers who's tackling a topic on everyone's mind these days: what digital books can do that can't be done in print.  Peter is a former O'Reilly employee who first wrote about the project on his blog.  (Btw, if you're not already following Peter's blog and Twitter feed you can find links here and here.)  He also wrote about the subject of ebook updates on O'Reilly's Radar blog last week.

That Radar post is a terrific example of the type of content you'll find in "Breaking the Page, Saving the Reader."  I'm excited to be part of the project and will be excerpting portions of it here on my blog in the coming weeks.  The catalog page for "Breaking the Page, Saving the Reader" is still in the works but once it's up I'll also be sure to pass it along.

"Breaking the Page, Saving the Reader" will be a digital product with a twist: we're going to release it in stages and the first version will be shorter and lower-priced than the final version of the complete ebook.  Customers who buy in early will get all the updates free though, meaning they'll pay a lower price for the entire ebook.  It's a fairly unique model in the ebook world and we're looking forward to not only testing it out but also sharing the results with the TOC audience.


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