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TOC Sneak Peek Webcast Series

Toc2011_logo It's hard keeping up with all the newest tools and technologies in the e-publishing space.  That's why we're introducing a new Sneak Peek webcast series as part of Tools of Change (TOC).  The details are here, but I can sum things up by saying that Sneak Peeks are short presentations of upcoming e-publishing products and services.

Each webcast will feature a behind-the-scenes look at 3-4 of the most interesting startups we've come across...before their products go live.  That's right.  We're working with these all-star startups in pre-release phase, so you're likely to be one of the first to see the specifics when you attend one of these free Sneak Peek webcasts.

The first one is happening in a few weeks, so stay tuned for more details.  In the mean time, two of the slots have already been filled but we're currently evaluating other startups for the first webcast.  If you're part of an e-publishing startup with a cool technology at the pre-release stage, email me and I'll make sure the TOC team contacts you for possible inclusion in this webcast series.


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