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Scribd Stats: A Social Dashboard for Reading

Picture 9 I wanted to call attention to a recent announcement from Scribd that didn't get a lot of visibility.  The service, called Scribd Stats, provides authors/publishers with an assortment of information on who's reading their content, what pieces they're reading, etc.

You may have seen seen the Kindle's "Popular Highlights" feature but Scribd has taken Stats to the next level.  As a publisher I'd love to know all this information about our books, especially when we're working on revisions.  I figure it's only a matter of time before Amazon offers this usage data to publishers...for a fee.  In the mean time, it's great seeing Scribd take the lead with Stats.

Btw, Scribd Stats is the latest addition to my eContent Wish List.  This list started as an Ignite presentation at the recent TOC Frankfurt.  Because of Ignite's 5-minute framework I didn't get a chance to go into all the details that I'd like to.  If you missed TOC Frankfurt or would just like to hear more about the list, you'll have the opportunity at a TOC webcast on December 16th at 1:00PM ET.  Go here for more details or to sign up for this free webcast.


Michael Zuberbier

Is the data downloadable, or are you limited to using Scribd's dashboard? It's hard to tell from the screenshots, but it looks as though Amazon is providing information at the text level while Scrib is limited to providing information at the document level only. When it comes time for revisions, I would be interested in which chapters are most read and which are always skipped. Is that level of detail in there?

Does Safari provide this type of data to its publishers?

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