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Heading to ETech Conference

Et2009_etech_logoI'm on my way to O'Reilly's ETech conference in San Jose...literally...I'm waiting for a flight connection in Dallas.  I spent some on my first flight looking over the conference schedule.  Wow, what a great lineup!

I plan to Twitter frequently throughout the conference, so be sure to follow me here (or @jwikert if you're already on Twitter).  Loads of other attendees are already Twittering and you can follow them via the #etech hashtag.

I've also been asked to do some very short, one-question follow-up video interviews with some of the speakers.  I thought it would be cool to let my Twitter followers send me questions for the speakers as well. So as you see me tweet about the session I'm in and you've got a question for that speaker, send it my way.  I can't promise your question will be selected, but I will promise that I'll look at every one I receive!


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