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Content Nation, by John Blossom

Content nation I received a nice gift in the mail yesterday.  It's a signed copy of the recently-published Content Nation, by John Blossom.  This was one of the last projects I was involved with at Wiley and it's great to see it in print.  The subtitle of the book is, "Surviving and Thriving as Social Media Changes Our Work, Our Lives, and Our Future."

John is the head of Shore Communications, Inc., and he built a social media portal as a companion for the book.  John, I've only had a day to flip through the book a bit but I like what I see.  Anyone curious about the content revolution we find ourselves in will undoubtedly love this book.


John Blossom


Thanks very much for the props on "Content Nation," your support was invaluable in bringing it to life. I hope that you have a chance to enjoy the whole book and to reflect on it further!

All the best,
John Blossom

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