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What I'm Looking Forward to at TOC (Day One)

TOC O'Reilly's TOC conference is rapidly approaching and I'm excited to finally make it to the event.  As I scanned the agenda I couldn't help marking down several sessions I'm very much looking forward to attending:

Bob Stein's Keynote -- Bob is from The Institute for the Future of the Book.  I follow the if:book blog and highly recommend it.

Google Book Search: Past, Present, and Future -- This should be an interesting session, especially if the "future" portion unveils some upcoming functionality and services.  It's also nice to see a session called The Google Settlement: Opportunities for Publishers through New Online Business Models, which follows immediately after the Book Search session.

Striking the Right Balance -- Print, POD, and Digital -- I'm kind of bummed that this session is at the same time as the Google one above.  Anyone care to attend one while I'm at the other and we'll compare notes afterwards?...

Building a Better Web-based Book -- This one is being presented by CJ Rayhill of Safari, a wonderful person I had the pleasure of meeting during an earlier trip to Sebastopol.

What's Your Mobile Strategy? -- An important question that too many publishers are still ignoring.

Smart Women Read eBooks -- OK, maybe they won't let me into this session.  The time slot conflicts with the mobile one above so I'll have to pick one anyway.  This one is presented by Kassia Krozser, author of the Booksquare blog.  If you don't already subscribe to Kassia's RSS feed you need to do so right now.  Go ahead, I'll wait...and you'll thank me for it later because Kassia is one of the most insightful publishing industry bloggers out there.

Jeff Jarvis Keynote -- Jeff is, of course, the brains behind the BuzzMachine blog, another must read for anyone in this industry.  He's also the author of the soon-to-be-released book entitled, What Would Google Do?  I received a galley copy recently and am enjoying it immensely.

Btw, all these sessions are just part of the conference's agenda on day one...that's right, there's a whole batch of great presentations the following day as well.

If you haven't registered it's still not too late.  Be sure to use the code toc09jwb for a 15% discount on your registration fee.



looks like a great schedule, have a good time... :+)


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