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Are You an Author Looking for Tax Advice?

TAAIt's only mid-January but tax time will be here before you know it.  I got a message today from Kim Pawlak at TAA saying that they're offering a free teleconference called "Taxes and Authors -- What You Should Know."  Kim mentioned these sessions are usually available to paying TAA members only but they decided to open this one up to everyone.

The teleconference is scheduled for February 10th from 12-1 (central time) and will cover the following topics:

  • What type of entity should you be?
  • Are you keeping good records on your business deductions?
  • Income from royalties and other sources
  • Tax deductions
  • Home Office Deduction
  • Self Employment Tax ("SE Tax")
  • Pension Plans, SEPs, IRAs
  • Foreign Tax Credit. Foreign Tax Certification Form 6166

If you're interested in attending send a message including your name and the title of the teleconference to Kim at the following e-mail address: kim.pawlak[at]


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