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Kindle3 Sorry if you're here because you thought I had access to some sort of Oprah-esque promo code that will get you a discount on a Kindle.  Trust me...I wish I had that kind of influence!  Besides, Amazon is officially out of stock (again!) so you couldn't get a Kindle if you wanted to.

No, this post has to do with something Apple is doing.  The iPhone apparently now has a promo code system where users can get apps for free.  It's a smart way of seeding the market for little to no cost.  The goal is to get enough freebie users talking about the app to cause others to visit the App Store and buy it.  So why doesn't something like this exist for the Kindle?

Amazon, you've got all that rich data about customers, buying habits, review posts, etc.  Why not roll all that up into a service you could offer publishers?  Find the most vocal customers and start offering them Kindle editions of books that fit the same genre they've posted reviews about in the past.  Get creative.  Offer different levels of service because, after all, some publishers may not want entire copies given away for free; so maybe send 50% or some other large chunk of the book to those customers, but make sure it's more than the standard sample file (which too often is little more than the table of contents and Introduction).

As Kindle adoption rates go up (assuming Amazon eventually replenishes their inventory) this could turn into a new revenue model for Amazon.  Think about all the physical copies of books publishers send out to reviewers.  Why not use a promo code system for Kindle reviewers to get the book wirelessly?  That's a service Amazon could charge for since they'd be saving publishers the manufacturing cost of the book, postage, handling, etc., not to mention time.


Michael A. Banks

I like it. I assume you mean that the number given away with each promo code would be limited--or tied to a particular owner? It should be simple enough to do (after all, they give different looks to the pages they present to users at different times).

K Oland


I love your idea and it would solve a problem many authors have in sending out review copies. Not to mention that my books to review that are on paper have taken a backseat to those on the Kindle (guess I need to catch up over the holidays).

Good news for those looking for a Kindle (and not wanting to pay $1100.00): as of the current time (3:56 am EST),refurbished Kindles ( are back in stock at Amazon and still $329. Dozens have been sold and shipped this week, but they keep rolling in and back out again. They won't last, so order one while you can. If you miss one this morning, be sure to read my post about playing Kindle Lotto:

You too can have a bright shiny Kindle under the tree this year, and without having to pay the exorbitant prices on eBay.

Need 4 Deal

I think it's a great alternative to sending out a book. Readers can get it almost instantly and publishers can save a ton of money. Really like this idea, Amazon should pick this up.


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