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Amazon remembersGot an iPhone?  If so, you need to download the Amazon app.  As you can imagine, this app makes accessing Amazon's website a much nicer experience vs. doing so via the Safari browser.  It provides access to your wish list, one-click purchases, etc., but that's not what makes it special.  The "Amazon Remembers" feature is why you'll want this app.

What's "Amazon Remembers"?  It's a service where you take a picture of a product with your iPhone, send it along to Amazon and (using their Mechanical Turk program) within 24 hours you'll get an e-mail back telling you whether Amazon carries that product and how much it is.  It's a terrific way of making sure you're getting a good deal, all by just pointing and clicking.

I tested the service by snapping a picture of my Kindle.  Within a couple of hours I had a message in my email inbox saying they found my item.  Well, technically speaking, they found the web page on where they'd normally sell my item, if only they had some in stock.

This is a cool service and one I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of.  As an admitted tightwad, I've never been shy about writing down product names and prices in a store so I can look online for better deals later.  Amazon's iPhone app makes it even easier for me to save a few bucks.

P.S. -- Amazon, nice job coming up with a clever iPhone app.  Now when are you going to add some new cool functionality to the Kindle?  The "Experimental" features are more than a year old and haven't been touched since launch...hint, hint...



After a month of curious use, I'm mixed. Books, cds, have done well. Other items (Christmas presents) didn't fare so well, though they were fairly standard - for example, tokidoki gifts. In the end though, it's still on my iPhone, whereas dozens of others have since been deleted. Perhaps in the next update?

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