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Web 2.0 Summit Videos on YouTube

Web2.0 I flew to San Francisco last week to attend the Web 2.0 Summit but now you can watch many of the sessions from the comfort of your home/office via YouTube.  OK, you probably don't have the time to watch all the videos, so here's a quick list of some of my favorite sessions:

Elon Musk

Lawrence Lessig

John Doerr

Mark Zuckerberg

P.S. -- Here's to hoping that more conference providers will post session videos like this.  It's a great way to extend the conference's community reach.


Alvin Hutchinson

A colleague and I were talking about webcast/videos of conference presentations recently.

I wonder if one day the availability of conference proceedings online will discourage registration and attendance. I wasn't going to attend the Web 2.0 Summit in either case, but I will watch some of these videos.

But let's say I want to attend a conference but am indecisive because of the registration fee, air fare and hotel that could total $1000 or more. If I can view even a fraction of the presentations online at no charge . . . . well?

Joe Wikert

Hi Alvin. You raise the key reason why most conferences aren't available for free viewing after the fact. Each conference is different, of course, but I tend to think the benefit of extending the conference's reach generally more than offsets the registration/attendance erosion. One of the key benefits to attending a conference like Web 2.0 is the opportunity to network with all the other attendees, speakers, etc. You obviously don't get that benefit from the YouTube videos, so while I think physical attendance is the better option for a conference like this, there's still a lot of value in watching the session videos. Also, don't forget that some conferences are sold out and you can't attend no matter how much you're willing to pay!

Michael A. Banks

Thank you for the links, Joe. John Doerr was more than intersting.

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