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Six Tips for Self-Publishing Success

Six There's certainly no lack of self-publishing options these days.  But how do you know which service to pick or how to maximize the results?  This post on the MediaShift blog does an excellent job summarizing six key points to consider when self-publishing.  I particularly like the point that, "you are, effectively, becoming a publisher", which brings with it all the pros and cons of calling the shots.

Another important point is that, "If you're looking for a quick buck, writing a book is not the way to go", and that, "a book has the highest status but the lowest return."  These harsh but generally true points were made by Stephanie Gunning, creator of 7 Quick and Easy Steps to Write and Sell Your First Book Proposal.

Item #6 though, "Get your name out there", is by far the most important bit of advice, IMHO.  It's all about one of my favorite subjects, author platform.  It's well summed up by this excerpt: "Publicity still remains the biggest obstacle for self-published writers -- yet there's never been a time when self-promoting a book has been easier. While you might not be able to book any television appearances on the strength of your print-on-demand book, the Internet presents myriad opportunities for the dedicated self-promoter."


Anthony S. Policastro

I wanted to point out some additional caveats about self-publishing. Everything said above is true and good advice. Getting your name out there is very important, but more so is the content. Content sells. At Lulu.com, one of the largest self publishing firms in the world, we have several authors picked up by traditional publishers with multi-book contracts. Our best selling authors have made hundreds of thousands of dollars on their books. There are unlimited sources of information on how to market your book on the Internet, free or for a fee. There has never been a better time to self publish.

William Aicher

Thanks for the resource link. I have quite a bit of experience in online marketing, but marketing my own product is something I'm still working at - this is a great help.

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