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That day in september Artie Van Why was in Manhattan on 9/11/01 and recorded his personal account of his experience in a book called That Day in September.  Artie is currently distributing the work through Smashwords and, thanks to the power of that e-content distribution platform, is offering it as a free product through Sunday, 9/14 (see press release here).

Artie sent me the book a couple of months ago and it's short enough that I was able to read it in one evening.  Although the events of 9/11 will always be painful to read about, this book provides an important reminder of why we're still hunting down the instigators in Afghanistan.



*One* reason we're still hunting for them is that incompetent yutz in the white house that you voted for. Twice. Maybe we would have caught them if we'd dedicated our efforts to that, rather than blowing up a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

Joe Wikert

Dear're absolutely right. I, along with the majority, apparently, made the mistake of electing Mr. Bush not once but twice. I've acknowledged that error on this blog earlier, hence your comment. That said, blogs are all about transparency, so why the anonymous comment?...


I respectfully disagree. Check your history Anonymouse. When the Clintons were in office, there were three opportunities for our forces to capture and/or kill Bin Laden and Slick Willie failed!
Don't blame 9/11 on the current President for the former's incompetency. I for one am proud to still admit that I voted for Mr. Bush. I believe he has kept this country from being attacked again. I don't think that would have been the case had Al Gore or John Kerry been elected. Let's pray that should Obama be elected that he can keep this country as safe as President Bush has.

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