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"The Faith of Barack Obama"...A Book I Plan to Read

Faith of barack obama I wasn't aware of this new book called The Faith of Barack Obama until I read about it on Michael Hyatt's blog. I read (and reviewed) one of Obama's own books, The Audacity of Hope, earlier this year. I admit it. I'm definitely leaning towards voting for Obama even though I also have a lot of respect for John McCain. I'm curious to read what author Stephen Mansfield has to say about Obama's faith though, so this one just got added to the top of my "must read" list.

P.S. -- See Michael Hyatt's blog post if you're a blogger interested in reading and posting a review about The Faith of Barack Obama. The first 100 bloggers to respond to his offer will be sent a free copy of the book. I just sent my request...

UPDATE: Thanks to CEO Mike Hyatt and the PR team at Thomas Nelson I'm now able to post and share the 48-page sample of The Faith of Barack Obama noted in this post.  I read this sample and am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the book when it arrives.  If you'd like to read the sample as well just click here to download it.



I'm looking forward to reading your review of this book; and possibly, if I have the time, the book itself. I already know I'm going to vote for Obama --I spent time canvassing for him in Hamilton county and got to meet him and his wife at a park gathering in Noblesville for volunteers. I do find matters of his faith interesting, but not critical to my decision. I wish I had saved the URLs for the news stories that reported on Obama's and McCain's visits to flood-striken areas. They both showed up, they both did a little work, they both had a quick photo op, but Obama said a prayer with all the workers before leaving, and McCain did not. That, to me, says volumes. It's all politics, to be sure, but I appreciate the gesture.

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