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Books4 I've covered numerous aspects of the self-publishing world here on the 2020 blog and I try to point out new and interesting resources for authors interested in self-publishing.  So when I got a note from Ray Robinson of Dog Ear Publishing I was thrilled to hear that he recently launched a blog of his own.  His blog is called Self Publishing Today and he's already written quite a few insightful posts.  I also like that he's taking broader posts about the publishing world in general and applying a self-publishing lens to them to present his point of view.

For example, check out this one where he takes one of my earlier posts about the 10 things editors/agents hate and puts it under the self-publishing light.  He also attended my recent Kindle webinar and applied a self-publishing perspective with this post.  (Btw, if you missed the Kindle webinar you can still listen to the archived audio and download my slides here.)  If you're interested in keeping an eye on the self-publishing sector be sure to grab Ray's RSS feed.


Kevin D. Washburn

Joe, thanks for directing attention to this helpful resource! Still hoping for the best here, but any information on self-publishing will help should "Plan B" be required.

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