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The Life of a Ghostwriter

Shadow Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a ghostwriter?  Christine Larson sheds some light on the topic in this NY Times article.  I found this statement particularly interesting:

When I mention that I’m writing a book for a doctor or an executive, I sense a certain discomfort, as if I’d said that I write term papers for a living.

There are, apparently, quite a few people out there who think that busy executive or celebrity really sat down and wrote all the words in their autobiography, tell-all, etc.  Call me a skeptic but anytime I see the "with so-and-so" co-authorship cover credit I assume most of the book was written by this secondary author.  Does it ruin the reading experience for me?  No way, but like anything else in life, it's important to go in with the right expectations.

P.S. -- I'm quite certain I would have missed this article if it weren't for my NY Times Kindle subscription.  I'm quickly realizing I love reading the NY Times and $13.99 isn't such a ripoff after all.  Something's gotta give though and I think it might be my XM Radio subscription...more later.


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