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In Search of The Quillr App

Quillr What does the future of content look like?  The folks behind a new platform called Quillr think they have the answer.  Their first product is a title called Here Ends the Beginning and it's a mix of words and video, resulting in an entertainment experience that's a book-movie hybrid.  They refer to Quillr as "a multimedia storytelling experience. Part screenplay, part graphic novel, part audio book and part movie, it is the newest chapter in publishing."

I'm not a fan of novels so it was important for me to look beyond the words, images and the story itself while I focused on what the platform has to offer.  I think it shows promise, particularly if they consider two enhancements: community and advertising.  Sure, most books are best written by one and only one author, but a tool like Quillr would make for an interesting community content development platform.  Secondly, with the images and video capabilities, think of the sponsorship and other non-traditional revenue streams Quillr could support.

Like most other new technology developments, we'll probably look back at Here Ends the Beginning in a couple of years and chuckle at how simplistic it was.  It's an interesting start in a richer content direction though, so I'm anxious to see how Quillr evolves over the next couple of years.  Thanks again to reader Alastair Sweeny for pointing me to this ReadWriteWeb post about Quillr.


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