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HSE School Board -- Part 2

Dunce corner My personal frustration with our local school board hasn't improved since I made this earlier post.  In short, it's a group of people who somehow feel they're accountable to no one.  They need to be voted out.  I did what I could to vote out the one incumbent who was up for re-election last month but it's clear there are too many cronies who will continue as board members because their terms aren't up...yet.

There's a new development in the district that will give this board a chance to redeem itself.  It seems a group of teachers at one of the junior high schools is unhappy with the management and leadership style of their principal, Shari Switzer.  Just by coincidence, my youngest daughter currently attends that school and I've heard Ms. Switzer speak.  I've also exchanged a bit of e-mail with her over the past year.  Why?  The first time I heard her speak (at an orientation session) I was so impressed that I wanted to thank her for being such a passionate, caring school administrator.  I've never reached out to any other teacher/principal like this in the past, so that should give you an idea of how much she wowed me (and much of the rest of that crowd) at that session.

It amazes me that teachers can gang up like this and put pressure on a superior.  Wouldn't it be interesting if it worked that way in the business world?!  It would be one thing if there was truly a problem buried in all this, but based on my personal experience and what I've heard from other parents, this is an unfair criticism of one of the best administrators in this school district!

HSE School Board Members: Please show some spine on this one and support this outstanding principal.  Anything short of that would be yet another failure by the entire board, and the third in the last six months.


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