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La la la can't hear you I purposely let my BusinessWeek print subscription lapse last month.  Or at least I thought I did.  I talked to a representative on the phone and told them I didn't want to renew.  I'm starting to think the rep I spoke with was playing the "la la la, I can't hear you" game.

I figured all BW's content is freely accessible on their website, so why pay for the subscription?  I'd have to change my habits, grab all their RSS feeds and read through them at least once a week, but still, it's better than paying for the subscription.

I was supposed to be cut off after the 5/26 issue.  I've received 3 more since, including the 6/16 one that just showed up on Saturday.  My 5/26/08 subscription termination date is still printed on every cover.  I wonder when it will end.

Better yet, I, along with probably every other BW subscriber, recently received an e-mail invitation to sit on "an exclusive BusinessWeek Market Advisory Board."  The e-mail was from "Keith Fox, President, BusinessWeek."  I couldn't resist sending a reply noting that I recently canceled my subscription and asking him if they don't check subscriber status before sending invitations like this.  I haven't heard back, nor do I expect to.



I was a McGraw Hill employee for about four days after MHHE purchased Mayfield Publishing (I left for a job with another publisher just after the close of the sale). I STILL get BW, which is a MH property. The subscription just automatically renews itself every year. I've never paid a dime for it. I assume all MH employees get it? Anyway, I do like BW, but like you I'm not sure that I would pay for it if it stopped coming to me for free!

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