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Book Biz Mag--6-08 I always look forward to receiving the next issue of Book Business magazine and the June issue didn't disappoint. In it you'll find this insightful interview with Wiley's very own Christine Dunn.  Christine is a marketing director based out of our Chichester office in the U.K.  She's also been involved in some very cool community initiatives including Wiley Nautical.  (And I hear she was quite the college basketball player back in her Vanderbilt days...)

The best part of a Book Business magazine?  The subscription is free.  If you haven't already signed up, just go here for your own free subscription.


Matt Steinmetz

Thanks for the mention, Joe. Christine was a pleasure to speak with ... it was particularly interesting to hear how she and her colleagues are leveraging new media in their marketing efforts.

Job Abijah

I would urge anyone that hasn't already done so to sign up for Christine's Book Business Magazine.

It used to be called BookTech Magazine I believe and I've always found it to be a great resource.

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