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SearchmeHave you tried the Searchme search engine yet?  If not, you should.  No, it won't cause you to abandon Google, but it's a very useful alternative you ought to consider from time to time.

Google always prides itself on a clean interface.  The search results are mostly a bunch of links.  Effective, but not exactly eye-catching.  Then again, who needs aesthetics when you're really just looking for answers?

By contrast, Searchme's results look like a modern operating system's desktop.  Each resulting page is shown as a vertical panel and you can scroll through them to find what you need; it's like flipping through a stack of pictures or CDs..  Rather than guessing whether the link Google shows is the page you're looking for, Searchme renders that page so you can see before you click.

Although it's only in beta it's definitely worth a look. Very cool.



This seems like a popular idea.

You might be interested in another site called (coverflow + www =
They don't do search, but they consolidate news stories.

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