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Jeff Bezos Interview at D6

All things digital Walt Mossberg did a fine job interviewing Jeff Bezos at this week's D6 conference.  I've embedded the videos below (parts 1 and 2) but here are a few notes I made while I watched the interview:

Sticking with tradition, Bezos declined to provide any sales specifics on the Kindle but he did offer one moderately interesting tidbit.  If you take the 125K titles that are currently offered for the Kindle and look at the total sales (print and Kindle) for just those 125K titles, Kindle sales represent about 6% of the total.  Good luck using that figure to come up with an estimate of the number of Kindles sold to date!

The recent $40 price reduction on the Kindle is the result of improved production efficiencies.  When I first saw the price drop I yawned.  Was anyone really sitting on the fence waiting for the price to go from $399 to $359?  It's more likely that some fence-sitters will just look at it and say, "See? I told you it would come down...I'm jumping on the bandwagon now!"; they'll feel good about "not paying as much as the early adopters did" and the psychology of any price cut will mean more to them than the actual number of dollars saved.  But you gotta love Amazon and the way they've approached this.  Amazon is rich with data.  Have you ever noticed how the discount on some titles goes from 34% one day to 37% the next day and then back down to 34% a few days later?  You can bet someone at Amazon is studying the trends and learning from the adjustments, and that's exactly what they'll do with this tiny price reduction as well.

Bezos mentioned a for-pay video streaming service that Amazon is going to announce in the next few weeks.  Sounds interesting...



At the end of the first video Bezos bites his tongue when Mossberg asks him about the CDMA-based Whispernet technology. The rest of the world uses GSM. Mossberg knows it. Bezos almost spills about their international plans then he pulls back. Can't wait to get the Kindle in Canada. Anyone know if the device works when taken out of the USA?

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