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The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama

Audacity_of_hopeWarning...political opinions appear throughout the following book review.  If you're likely to be irritated by the discussion of politics in this previously politics-free blog, don't read the post below.  And please, no "gee Joe, why did you have to go off on a political tangent like this?  I used to like your blog..." comments.  You don't have to read this!  Consider yourself warned.

After reading John McCain's Faith of My Fathers a couple of years ago I thought I'd found my candidate for the 2008 presidential election.  But as the war in Iraq has dragged on I've become increasingly concerned that McCain will be more of what we've already had too much of over the past 7+ years and, without sounding too cliche, it's time for a change.  Btw, that's coming from a guy who twice voted for George W. Bush...a decision I've grown to deeply regret.

So how about Obama's The Audacity of Hope?  Has he won me over through his New York Times bestseller?  Not necessarily.  As I read this book I could see any of the candidates saying much of what's presented here.  I didn't find any one thing that jumped out at me as the key reason why I absolutely must vote for Obama.  The book is well written and I feel it gave me a glimpse of the man, his life, family, etc., but I'm hard-pressed to say it's a vote-getter.

Obama is clearly an extremely bright man and I'm in tune with his thoughts on investing in education, technology and a health care system that provides for the needy.  Then again, who wouldn't be?!  If you close your eyes and think about it, doesn't that sound like any one of the other candidates talking...from 2008, 2004 or perhaps even earlier?  To be fair, the book was originally published two years ago and the political landscape has changed a bit in that time.  Anyone interested in studying Obama's stance on the latest and greatest issues would be better served by visiting his website or following his blog.

I definitely feel this book was a worthwhile read.  It added some depth to the superficial candidate dialog and bickering that makes the six-o'clock news every night.  It's hard to believe we have seven more months of this ahead of us...

P.S. -- At this point, Obama probably has my vote.  But that's as much the result of my lack of interest in the other candidates as it is my heartfelt support for Obama.  While that's not exactly a ringing endorsement, I don't think he'd be any worse than the guy I voted for the last two times.


Michael Hyatt

I have almost the same reaction to Obama as you. I voted for Bush twice and deeply regret it. No one really gets me excited, but Obama comes closest.

Sharon J.

I have definite opinions about each of the three candidates that exist at this writing. I feel that if these three are the best our country has than it is pitiful. They all basically say the same things and promise the same changes. But here is what I want answered - Okay, these three; McCain, Obama and Clinton, are all United States Senators, correct? Why is it that they are promising all of these changes WHEN they become president? Why can't they work NOW or why haven't they so far worked hard to make these changes for our country? They have the power for the changes NOW - why do we have to wait for one of them to be President?

Because not one of them is a standout to me I will most likely vote for the one I believe will be the lesser of the other two evils (if that makes sense).

Jim LaRoche

From the just reported Obama tax returns it looks like quite a few people liked his books.
"PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Democratic Sen. Barack Obama reported $4.2 million in income in 2007. The presidential candidate released his tax returns on Wednesday. He said his adjusted gross income was around $4.2 million, with $4 million coming from the profits on his two books — "Dreams From My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope."

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