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Opinionated: A Kindle Exclusive

Kindle3Thanks partially to the Kindle's Whispernet connection feature, new and innovative ways of distributing all sorts of content are likely to emerge.  For example, this week's announcement by Tribune Media Services (TMS) to create a Kindle-exclusive magazine called Opinionated: Voices and Viewpoints on America and the World.

The print magazine business is currently going through some challenging times.  If it's not higher paper costs, more advertisers going online or a decline in subscribers you also have to face the fact that Walmart is cutting almost 1,000 titles from its shelves.  Why fight those odds when you can launch in the happy world of no inventory management or manufacturing costs?

The only real question is whether enough Kindles can be sold to make this a profitable venture for TMS.  Since it's exclusive to the Kindle, I have to assume Amazon was willing to make this a sweeter deal for TMS than they've done for other magazine publishers, especially in the short term while Amazon works to address the Kindle supply issue.


Norm Potter


Don't forget Apple, whose iTunes store could be a major eBook competitor. While the iPhone and iTouch are pretty good Internet devices, a larger form factor Kindle sized tablet computer could blow the Kindle out of the water.

Joe Wikert

Hi Norm. I think it would be fantastic if Apple would introduce a Kindle competitor...I just wonder whether Apple could really compete with Amazon's distribution channel. When iTunes launched there was no entrenched leader in online music distribution. Although it's probably a stretch to say Amazon has an insurmountable lead with the Kindle, they do have a significant head start and one that would be tricky for Apple to overcome. They could do it, of course, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Carolyn Jewel

This functionality belongs in a single device; my cell phone. I have too much stuff to carry around already. One device to rule them all, please. I'm okay if that ends up being the iPhone.

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