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Number_one_2The kind folks at O'Reilly have once again summarized the current state of the computer book industry with this post covering publisher market share (see this one and this one for two earlier cuts of the same data).  The big news: Wiley's computer book publishing group passed Pearson to become the leader in the category.  In fact, we went from 3 points behind the former leader to 2 points ahead of them, quite a nice jump over the course of a year.

O'Reilly also provides title efficiency stats, which is a great way of measuring how effective publishers are in managing their title lists; a higher rating means you're able to publish fewer books to earn your imprint's market share.  Microsoft Press is the king of title efficiency and they're the only publisher with a rating of greater than 2.0.  However, in a year where two of the top three publishers (Pearson and O'Reilly) saw their efficiency ratings slip, Wiley's went up.  So when you consider that we gained market share and did it more efficiently than we did the prior year, there's definitely reason to celebrate!

Congrats to the entire editorial, marketing and sales teams throughout the Wiley computer book group!!


Cecil Vortex

Congrats Joe (and company)! Very impressive. Still, I don't know if it was a great idea to get a large "#1" tattooed on the inside of your index finger. That had to hurt.

In unrelated news, I got my copy of "Plug Your Book!" today from Amazon and was startled to see your name and quote on the back. It just goes to prove what I've been saying for years: Joe Wikert is everywhere.

Joe Wikert

Thanks Cecil. Say, have you ever considered being a comedy writer?... ;-)

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