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Playing_with_the_enemyI first met publisher Ted Savas through my friend Gary Moore, author of Playing with the Enemy (one of my favorite books of all time, btw).  Ted is a fellow blogger and you can read what he has to say on A Publisher's Perspective.

Ted's latest post about The Right Way to Build a Book to Success really caught my eye.  It contains a very important message for publishers and authors alike, namely, keep plugging your book(s).  Don't give up.

Gary Moore's story is a wonderful example of this approach in real life.  Ted's company first published Playing with the Enemy in 2006 and Gary has been on the road plugging it ever since.  Gary was most recently rewarded with a paperback release that's due to arrive at the start of baseball season.  Even more impressively, the book is about to become a major motion picture.  (I'm looking forward to attending this as soon as the film is released!)

Your mileage may vary, of course, and you can't assume your next book will be turned into a movie.  But, you can learn the value of patience and persistence from a publisher (Ted Savas) and an author (Gary Moore) who have produced excellent results.  (Btw, be sure to check out the website Gary built to promote this book -- it's also a great piece of work.)



Great post, Joe. This book looks and sounds incredible. I'm adding it to my reading list right now. Thanks for the story behind the book, too. It's important for writers to be aware of the work involved after the book is published. I've read many anecdotes about promoting books, but it doesn't get much better than this.

Bob Meade

I read the book on Joe's recommendation. It is really good.

I checked out Gary Moore's website, and signed up for email news. Got an email a few days ago highlighting his reacent visit to Louisiana U, and their archives on Camp Rushton. I see he gave an address at the U too.

He just keeps plugging. He doesn't think his job is done just because he finished writing it.

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