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Online_marketing_heroesThe second title in our Heroes series should be hitting stores this week.  It's called Online Marketing Heroes and inside you'll find interviews with 25 of the most successful online marketing experts on the planet.  Author Mike Miller did a great job tailoring the questions for each marketing guru; the result is that readers will be able to learn the ropes on what works (and what doesn't) from an assortment of highly experienced professionals.

As we did with Mike Banks' Blogging Heroes earlier, we also gave each marketing hero a PDF containing their interview from the book.  Many of these interviewees have posted the PDFs on their sites.  For example, go here for Steve Rubel's interview, here for Lee Odden's interview and here for Joan Holman's.

Next up: Brad Jones brings us Web 2.0 Heroes, slated for release in mid-April.


Michael Miller


Thanks for the kind comments. The interviews were fun, primarily because of the quality and expertise of the interviewees. In some cases, all I had to do was ask a single question and the interviewee did the rest -- talking for a half hour or more straight! I think the book does a good job of capturing the skills necessary to market online today, thanks to the online marketing heroes in the book.


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