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Andy Beal Interview on BlogTalkRadio

Radically_transparentAndy Beal is the co-author of our recently-released title Radically Transparent, a book that shows you how to monitor and manage your online reputation.  Although you can find all the relevant facts about the book via that link provided in the previous sentence, there's another great way to learn more about it and Andy himself: Check out the audio interview Andy recently did with John Havens of BlogTalkRadio (BTR) (streaming link here and MP3 download link here).

If you're looking for a way to extend your platform you owe it to yourself to check out BlogTalkRadio.  I interviewed Alan Levy, their CEO and co-founder here a few months ago and shed some light on what they're doing to help authors promote their books.  Andy Beal's interview is an excellent example of what's possible with BTR's service.  I just wish Amazon (and the other online retailers) would figure out how to automatically integrate this information on their product pages.  If I'm considering a book purchase it would be nice to have access to more in-depth information and insight from the author in an audio format like this.

I was on the road last week but I understand my copy of Radically Transparent is waiting for me at the office.  I can't wait to dig into it and learn new ways of tracking my own online reputation as well as the reputations of the various brands and imprints my group publishes into (e.g., Sybex, WROX and Wiley).


Andy Beal

Thanks for helping to spread the word. Working with Wiley was certainly a great experience and the team really helped to make Radically Transparent a great resource for those interested in online reputation management.

I hope you enjoy reading it!


i'm a great fan of Andy Beal and its nice to find the interview regarding Andy Beal Interview on BlogTalkRadio.its givs lots of information about the andy beal.its a great treat for his fans.

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