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The Author's Guide to Building an Online Platform, by Stephanie Chandler

Authors_guide_to_online_platformI've dedicated a number of posts and comments to the subject of author platform.  See for yourself in the results of this Google search.  Rather than sifting through all those posts though, I recently discovered a book that does a far better job of explaining the ins and outs of this important topic.

Stephanie Chandler wrote an excellent book called The Author's Guide to Building an Online Platform.  The good news is that she covers every aspect of building your platform and, as the subtitle states, "Leveraging the Internet to Sell More Books."  The bad news is that the book isn't available till 5/31.  I got my hands on a pre-release review copy and found it to be extremely thorough and helpful.  (Even though the book isn't available today you could certainly pre-order it now so that it will arrive as soon as it's published.)

The author has fantastic credentials: She opened her own bookstore in Sacramento back in 2003, is the founder of BusinessInfoGuide, an online resource center for entrepreneurs and she authored two books prior to this one.  In short, she's seen the business from just about every angle.  In addition to telling you what's likely to work best for you, she also shares some of the things that haven't worked for her (e.g., in-store book signings).  The book includes insight from other authors as well.  Stephanie did a nice job sprinkling in interviews with several authors to get their tips and techniques.  Thanks to this book I discovered a few websites and resources I hadn't heard of before and I plan to research them in the coming days; I'll be sure to report back on the ones that stand out the most.

If you're looking for a one-stop resource for author platform and maximizing online sales, be sure to check this one out.


Cecil Vortex

ok, it kind of freaks me out that you have not just the *first* 109 google results for author platform, but *all* google results for author platform. What's up with that? Seriously, that's disturbing.

Speaking of disturbing, my site appears to have the number one Google result for "want to smell something wonderful?" So I guess that tells you how we've been spending our respective free time. :-)

also, I'll admit it: I crave this book!

Joe Wikert

Cecil, I cheated...or actually, you misunderstood. The link to the Google search above is limited to my blog. That said, a link to my blog is the second entry in the results of unrestricted search for "author platform", so I'll take that. I did get a kick out of your "want to smell..." placement though!

Cecil Vortex

Ok, boy, that's a relief. I felt like I was falling into a well and in the darkness all I could hear was "Joe Wikert's Publishing 2020 Blog" and "Author Platform" echoing, echoing, echoing. Very scary. Much better to learn I was just being a dope. :-)

You do show up on the legit first page search results though, along with your compadre Chris Webb. Not bad....


Joe, I just came across your blog today. I'm a writer, working on my first book, and I'm in the process of developing an online platform. This book looks great. I'm also looking forward to reading your multitude of blog posts on the issue.




It's funny that Stephanie Chandler notes that in store signings are not all that beneficial in selling books. After I published my first book I was asked to do an author signing at my local B & N. Eagerly, I accepted the invite as I was going to be one of six local authors signing books that day. The B & N manager was quite excited as she expected higher than normal traffic as the signing coincided with Father's Day weekend. Just as I was about to leave, I asked how many books of mine she anticipated ordering for the signing. "A lot," she said. "At least fifteen copies." She did in fact order fifteen copies from the publisher and I was lucky enough to sell two copies on the day of the signing. Before I left, I signed the rest of the copies so she could feature them in a "signed by the author" promotion. Weeks later they ended up in the $5 bargain bin—and it was me that bought up every copy.

Stephanie Chandler

Hi Joe,
Your review of my new book is the first I've seen and I am thrilled! Thank you so much for the kind words. I had a lot of fun writing the book and sharing what I've learned along the way.

A note on book signings (from a former bookstore owner and author!): these are usually a lousy way to sell books. Instead, use your book to open doors to speaking engagements and seminars and then sell it at the back of the room to an eager audience. This is a much better use of your time.

I wish you all much publishing success. Thanks again for making my day!

Warm regards,
Stephanie Chandler

P.S. More book publishing resources are available on my website and in my newsletter! http://www.businessinfoguide.com/publishing.htm

T Demop, Blogging for Business

If it's half as good as Stephanie's last book it'll be a winner! I'm looking forward to it.

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