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Teaching Sells: What Can You Get for $1 These Days?

Teaching_sells_2Brian Clark is the brains behind Copyblogger, one of the most insightful marketing-related blogs on the planet.  Given Brian's marketing background, it's no surprise that he's pretty good when it comes to clever promotional ideas.

Brian has a multi-course training program on how to create membership websites that sell.  It's called Teaching Sells and it usually costs $97 per month to access the entire program, but Brian is currently offering a 7-day sneak peak to the entire series for one dollar.  This reminds me of the Suze Orman free e-book experiment on Oprah last week; it's a model that can work, assuming you're able to generate the buzz required to spark sufficient interest in long-term paying customers.

Still not convinced and unwilling to part with your precious dollar?  Why not sign up for Brian's free 22-page summary report and see if that changes your mind.  It's available as both a PDF and an MP3 file, so you can listen to it on your iPod if you prefer.  The free report talks about whether blogging is dead or not, why you should forget the "long tail" and how the true power of the Internet is being missed.  I'm going to grab a copy right now...


Beyond Niche Marketing

I signed up at the FOUNDER rate for Teaching Sells... and told many people who later asked me not to bother.

The lesson I learned from Teaching Sells.... don't launch your membership site until it's FULLY stocked!

Maybe they've added TONS of content since my subscription expired in January... the initial subscription was 3 months and I made SURE to go in and cancel within 2 weeks of subscribing.

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