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Kathy Sierra Talks about Creating Passionate Users

Here's an opportunity to get inside the head of a best-selling author and learn how she broke all the rules and created an exciting new approach for a somewhat tired category.  The video below is an interview Tim O'Reilly recently did with Kathy Sierra, author of several great computer books including the Head First series.

Btw, even though Kathy is known as a "computer book author", the video isn't just about computer books.  In fact, the lessons go way beyond the book industry in general.  Regardless of what business you're in there's value in creating passionate users, customers, employees, etc.

Three of the more interesting points I picked up while watching this are:

  • The various lessons Kathy picked up from the film industry and used in her computer books.
  • How she analyzes Amazon reviews, particularly the focus on the use of first person references by reviewers.
  • If there's passion there's community.


Stephen Hamilton

Thanks for posting this interview, I found it really interesting. Particularly the lessons learnt from film makers (the Hero's Journey, and not starting at the beginning).

Tip of the hat to you, sir!

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