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GetabstractThe getAbstract book summary service has saved me a lot of reading time over the past couple of years (see my initial review here).  They also offer audio summaries on a limited number of titles.  I recently decided to download a few and test drive this content delivery option.

The audio summaries are delivered as unprotected MP3 files and I was quickly able to move them to an SD card for my no-frills player.  Each summary is about 5 to 10 minutes long and read by a man and woman combo with pleasant voices.  It's a great way to sit back, close your eyes and focus on what's being said.

The audio option isn't currently offered for the entire getAbstract library, unfortunately.  It looks like they're in the process of creating new recordings though, which will help reinforce their position as the best book summary service available, at least IMHO.


Jason Dunne

Couldn't agree more, Joe. getAbstract was one of my top finds for 2007. I'd recommend it to anyone. My idea of a great Friday night is retiring to a hot bath with 10 abstracts from their service - maybe I should get out more!

From the reader's point of view, it would be great if someone could make that model work for a wider selection of titles. Many people consume knowledge for its own sake - arguably more people than ever, thanks to broadband and screen-addiction - so you'd think that someone would make the getAbstract model work for all topics, not just biz. I'm talking about summaries of history, politics, sport, self-help etc.

Maybe someone has - anyone know what it's called, or where I might sign up for a lifetime's subscription?

Amy Cooper

Hi Joe...I can grant your getAbstract wishes...my contact information is below

Amy Cooper, PhD • getAbstract, Inc.
8729 Ferry Rd. Grosse Ile, MI 48138 • USA
O: 734 692 0265 • F: 734 692 0270 • M: 734 250 0550
www.getabstract.com • amy.cooper@getabstract.com

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