The Wide Open Spaces of God, by Beth Booram
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Anthony S. Policastro

Hi Joe,
Thanks for the link to the book. It looks interesting. I read the first few pages about the Harry Potter/Disney promotion and I got to thinking that it was a bad example because the Harry Potter brand is already established as a world brand. So I'm wondering how the 7=350,000 promo would work with an unknown product? I still have to read the rest of the book so maybe it will be clarified there.
Thanks again.

Joe Wikert

Hi Anthony. I'm not sure I'd characterize it as a "bad example." I think the excerpt David includes from Disney's VP of New Media had an important, relevant point: "When you have a passionate fan base for your brand, the Internet is especially vital for going viral." In this case, they're very up front about noting the passionate fan base that's clearly an element of the Harry Potter model.

As far as how it work with an unknown product, that probably depends on who the 7 influential people are. But since Harry Potter is a pretty rare commodity, you're probably talking about "seven equals something less than 350 million". But again, it all depends on who those 7 people are that you invite in. Think about the potential leverage you'd get out of the top 7 bloggers in the world...

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