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TvThe writer's strike is paying dividends for me.  I used to DRV every Tonight Show and Daily Show episode and then just watch the first 15 minutes of each.  Sometimes I'd fall behind though and have to invest a couple of hours in non-stop skimming to catch up.  That hasn't been a problem the past few weeks.  The writer's strike means no new episodes of either show.  NBC is showing really old re-runs (from 1992) and while Leno looked funny at first the novelty quickly wears off.

The result?: I stopped DRV-ing both shows.  I think I've finally weaned myself off the Tonight Show.  I doubt I'll bother recording it after the writer's strike is over.  I can't seem to completely break away from Jon Stewart and the Daily Show though.  I kind of miss that one.  I might drop it as well though if the strike lasts another month or so.

My bigger gripe has to do with two relatively new networks: The Big Ten Network and The NFL Network, neither of which deserve a link.  Both of these greedy networks are taking programming that was once free and making it part of a premium package on cable/satellite.  The Colts game on Thanksgiving night was on the NFL network but broadcast locally so I had a chance to see this channel in action.  Unimpressive.  They somehow managed to find the two least insightful commentators and put them together for one game (Cris Collinsworth and Bryant Gumbel).  A a bonus they periodically showed a "special new feature for the NFL Network."  It was nothing more than pictures from the game.  Is that really groundbreaking?

I haven't seen the Big Ten Network and it wouldn't break my heart if I never do.  Gone are the local broadcasts of Purdue and IU football and basketball games.  Oh well.

The bright side in all of this is that I suddenly have a lot more time to read some of the great books that have piled up at home!


Susan Helene Gottfried

Wait. The NFL network is even worse.

Our cable company signed a deal with them a number of years ago, before games were going to be broadcast. The cable company told us last week that the deal included games, should they be added.

When the NFL network decided to broadcast games, they went back to my cable company -- a small local one -- and demanded more money. Even though they had a signed contract already that should have included the games.

Our cable company's not paying the new fee. I'm sad I'll have to miss a Steelers game or two, but I'm glad the cable folk aren't bowing to what's essentially extortion.

Nettie Hartsock


Bravo on weaning yourself and reading great books. We're a bit addicted to the Jon Stewart show in our household too, but in the summer our family puts the TV in the garage for a month and all we do is read. I order all these comics from a comics site that are ones I read as a child "Scrooge McDuck", "Richie Rich", Archies and my kids and I read those along with long chapter books. (Or we simply stare at our navels) Either way it reminds us that TV does not need to take over our lives. Even Sponge Bob.:>)

Joe Wikert

Susan, I didn't realize you are a Steelers fan. Me too. I grew up in Pittsburgh and miss watching them every Sunday afternoon. I'm in the middle of Colts country here and it's just not the same!

Nettie, I have to admit that every so often I still manage to catch the occasional Sponge Bob episode with my youngest daughter. In all honesty, both of us are too old for it but we always get a kick out of him...


I am DONE with these MONEY HUNGRY CROOKS, I am BOYCOTTING everything they do!!!!!!
I hope MANY more follow!!!!

Online TV

Conan and Leno are coming back in the beginning of January WITHOUT writers. They wholeheartedly support their writers but are coming back on instead of laying off all the other show employees (Leno has about 200 I believe).

Daniel Mcgonagle

I totally agree with you in that. Don't let it get in the way with your reading. It's still the best time spent as always.

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