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Publishing Talk: Blog, Widget & Facebook

PubtalkPublishing Talk is the name of a blog I've subscribed to for quite awhile now.  Highly recommended.  My thanks to Krisan Matthews of The Publishing Curve blog for pointing out that Publishing Talk is much more than just a blog.  There's also a Facebook group as well as a discussion board.  And, I just added their feed widget to my own blog (look in the right panel).  If you've got a Facebook account you ought to join the group...and if you don't have a Facebook account you need to get one today!  When you get there, look me up and send me a friend invitation so we can build a strong publishing network.


Krisan Matthews

Thanks for the mention, Joe! For some more very exciting news about Publishing Talk, please check out my post today:


Joe, I'd be glad to "friend" you (my editor would lunge through the monitor if he caught me using a noun as a verb) in Facebook, but searching outside my network is tedious at best. How about a link to your profile?

Joe Wikert

Good point, Preston. I just added the link to the original post (click on "look me up").

Steve Tiano


I just sent you an invite to connect on LinkedIn because you seem open to the "networking group thing". I'd've taken your suggestion and issued the invite on Facebook, except that so far, I'm confining it to LinkedIn. I can just see it getting crazy handling invites from different groups. Plus LinnkedIn at least sounds as if its focus is on professional connections. But who knows? I'd actually love to read about the experiences--professional successes, really; if any--that people have had with such networking groups.

Steve Tiano

Joe Wikert

Hi Steve. I just accepted your invite and look forward to networking with you on LinkedIn. Thanks!

Steve Tiano

Joe, thanks for accepting my LinkedIn invitation. I still wish I knew just what "networking on LinkedIn" means. What does it lead to? Is it simply the same hashing out ideas--which is great, don't get me wrong--as here and on a number of blogs on the subject of publishing? If so, what need does LikedIn serve that isn't already being met? I'd really like to hear people who have accomplished things via LinkedIn.

Jon Reed

Thanks for the shout-out, Joe. As Krisan mentions, Publishing Talk is evolving into yet more social media forms next year; starting with... the podcast! We should be up and running with that in February.

Meanwhile, if anyone would like to fill in our reader survey (, you'll have chance to have a say in what you'd like to hear on the podcast - as well to be entered into a draw to win an iPod to listen to it on. We want to develop the blog, the podcast and the Facebook Group in a way that's going to be useful to the publishing industry as it gets to grips with all things digital. 2008 is going to be an interesting year...

Many thanks! Jon

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