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OptionsLooking for the perfect gift for the Apple fan in your life?  If so, your search is over.  Get them a copy of Options by Fake Steve Jobs, AKA Daniel Lyons.  If you're not already aware, Lyons has been writing a blog called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs for quite awhile and it features some of the best sarcasm and wit on the planet.  He leveraged that fame and fortune to write Options, which takes a fictitious and hilarious look at the Apple stock option backdating scandal.

The Fake Steve blog is a treat to read but I couldn't help wonder whether the style and approach would get old in a book length work.  Boy, was I wrong. Daniel Lyons is a genius.  He describes events in such fascinating detail that you not only feel you're there but you assume they actually occurred!

My personal favorite is the point towards the end of the book when Jobs meets with Yoko Ono to discuss reselling The Beatles library on iTunes.  I won't spoil it by divulging too much here but I laughed out loud more than once while picturing this meeting in my head.  There's also a funny twist to the ending, which again, I won't spill the beans on here.

Still not sold?  Read this piece from the back cover and tell me it doesn't hit the nail on the head:

Sometimes I feel like a great chef who has devoted his entire life to monastic study of the art of cooking.  I've gathered the finest ingredients, built the most advanced kitchen and prepared the most exquisite meal.  So perfect, so delicious, so extraordinary.  More astounding than any meal ever created.  Yet each day I stand in my window and watch 97% of the world walk past my restaurant into the McDonald's across the street.


Sarah Keeney

Thanks, Joe. I'll be getting this for my husband for Christmas! =)


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