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Christian Publishing & Author Blogs


Courtesy of the ECPA's Michael Covington, here's a list of Christian publisher and author blogs:

Publisher Blogs
Kregel Publications
Kregel Fiction
Kregel Homeschooling
InterVarsity Press: Behind the Books
InterVarsity Press: Addenda & Errata
InterVarsity Press: Andy Unedited
InterVarsity Press: Strangely Dim
Randall House Publications
Off the Shelf (Wayne Hastings of Thomas Nelson)
The Suburban Christian (Al Hsu of InterVarsity Press)
From Where I Sit (Michael Hyatt of Thomas Nelson)
Oxford University Press

Author Blogs
Jim Seybert's Fools Box
Brandilyn Collins' Forensics & Faith
Kristy Dykes' Christian Love Stories
Robin Lee Hatcher's Write Thinking
Mary DeMuth's RelevantBlog

Christian Publishing News Blog
Cook Partners (from Cook International)


Mary E. DeMuth

Thanks for the blog mention!

Mary DeMuth

Bob Meade

Thanks for the list.

Why do you think the OUP blog should be on this list? It's a good blog, but I can't really detect any particlarly overt Christian aspect.

Joe Wikert

Hi Bob. I haven't been able to give some of these sites more than a cursory look before I made this post. Michael was kind enough to send me the list and I included it in its entirety here. When I looked at the OUP blog I noticed references to a couple of Christian books/articles but didn't drill down too deep. After stopping back again today I see they're now featuring one of their books called "The God Strategy". While they obviously also publish quite a few titles outside the Christianity area, I saw no reason to remove them from Michael's original list.


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