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Coming Soon: Dynamically Generated Ads in PDFs

AdobeFile this one under "what took them so long?"  According to this article on, Adobe is working with Yahoo to create a system where publishers will be able to dynamically embed contextually relevant ads in PDF files.  It's like AdSense for PDFs.  Brilliant.  This will give publishers of all shapes and sizes many more options to consider when distributing their content.


Abraham Greenhouse

I think you posted this at precisely the same moment I was emailing you about it. I wonder if there are any plans to deploy this on mobile platforms. And I wonder how long it will take Google to respond...

Timothy Fish

I suppose it was inevitable, but I don't really like the idea. I doubt that you will be seeing it in any of my PDF files. I used ads on my website for a while and finally decided that they weren't worth the trouble. Now I just advertise my own stuff and things that I feel comfortable with endorsing.

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