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"Blogging Heroes" Generating Buzz

Blogging_heroes_2Our soon-to-be-published Blogging Heroes, by Michael A. Banks, has been getting its fair share of publicity in the blogosphere recently.  Much of this activity has to do with our decision to run a free content campaign that Chris Anderson, Mr. Long Tail, referred to as "a clever marketing strategy."

The book features a series of interviews with 30 of the world's most successful bloggers.  As we got closer to our pub date we decided to offer each blogging interviewee a PDF of their chapter.  We suggested they consider posting the content for their readers and many have taken us up on the offer.  Besides Chris Anderson, you'll also find sample chapters from Mark Frauenfelder, David Rothman, Steve Garfield and Gary Lee.


Michael A. Banks

Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes has also posted her chapter. Click here to see it.

Morgan Ramsay

Where is the main portal site with full-text trackbacks from the book's contributors, expanded interviews, blogger profiles with demographic/industry segmentation data, a "who's who / who's reading who" list compiled by the book's contributors, an international feature, and other additional content? I think you could make, or could have made, a bigger splash than you did.

Joe Wikert

Great points, Morgan. We're definitely taking baby steps before we try to run but I like your suggestions.


My interview is available here:

Michael A. Banks

Also, please see the Amazon listing for Blogging Heroes for blog entries in which I reveal the locations of various of the interviews, and talk about putting the book together. There's some of hte same at my writing blog, both URLs below. (Thanks, Eric.)
URL for Amazon listing:

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