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The IT Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie, by Joelle Reeder & Katherine Scoleri

It_girl_bloggingI just got my comp copy of The IT Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie.  It looks like a great product, but since I'm not part of the target audience, well, who am I to rate it?!  So, I have an offer I'd like to make...

The first female blogger to send me an e-mail message in response to this post gets my copy.  Oh, and I'll also throw in a free IT Girl's mouse, something that our marketing team created to help promote the title.  All I ask is this: You'll need to read the book and write a short review of it, one that we can post on my blog and all the online bookstore sites.

Be sure to send me a link to your blog in the e-mail message!

P.S. -- If you want to know about the history of this title, be sure to read Ellen Gerstein's post here.


Andie Knight

Looks like something right up my alley. I'd love a copy and to do a review, but I'm in Canada. Do I still count?

Joe Wikert

We have a winner. It's Carolyn Jewel and her blog can be found here: http://www.carolynjewel.com/weblog/weblog.shtml

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