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Guest Review of "The IT Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie"

It_girl_bloggingEarlier this month I offered my copy of our recently-published IT Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie (by Joelle Reeder and Katherine Scoleri) to the first female blogger who e-mailed me that morning.  The only catch was that the winner needed to read and write a review of the book; I figured I'm not in the target audience but wanted to post a review on my blog.

Our winner, Carolyn Jewel, sent me this review of the book:

Chick Lit has come to Technology and it's kicking some serious butt.  The IT Girl’s Guide to Blogging with Moxie is a reference guide aimed at women who aren't necessarily technology adepts. Now, I'm a woman whose reference shelf at work is crammed with titles like T-SQL Programming and Expert SQL Server 2005 Integration Services. I've also been blogging since 2001. I know a thing or two about being a geek.

How, I wondered, could a book with a pink cover and sentences like "the key to a killer frappe is double-strength coffee" be anything but long on hipster-chic and short on practical, workable blogging advice?  Blogging with Moxie easily succeeds in providing both. It's a fun, interesting read packed with useful details well explained. Authors Reeder and Scoleri cover topics of unavoidable geekishness (ftp, podcasting, RSS, just to throw around a few) and never misrepresent or omit crucial details. Their witty presentation covers the history of blogging, surveys blogging tools, sets out available platforms and provides the devilish details behind such things as web hosting and widgets.

Blogging with Moxie will help anyone new to blogging successfully navigate the technology behind the scenes. As for me, I can't wait to try the cleansing cucumber masque.

About Carolyn
Carolyn Jewel is a SQL Server DBA by day and a Romance Novelist by night. She is definitely a geek (but with an MA in English). Her 2008 releases are Magellan's Witch from Grand Central Publishing (formerly Warner Books) and Scandal, from Berkley Books. Visit Carolyn's website for more information about her writing or visit her writing blog to catch her latest thoughts on the world of writing.


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