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The Strangest Thing I Saw This Week

Wishtv_2Maybe it was a slow news day...or maybe they offer this "service" during every newscast.  I'm not sure because I prefer our NBC affiliate and generally don't watch much of the CBS one.  Nevertheless, while channel surfing during the 6:00 news hour recently I noticed one of WISH-TV's anchors pointing to one computer screen after another.  I was curious, so I stopped and watched.

What I saw was an anchor pointing out the top stories today that appeared on the channel's website.  One by one, he briefly summarized each of the top 3 or 4 and all of them were on separate large displays behind him.  Not large enough for viewers to read anything other than the headline, of course, but I assume the rest of the screens were filled with the text of the stories.

What purpose could this possibly serve?  First of all, the stories he pointed out were also covered earlier in the newscast.  If I was really interested in them I would have booted up my computer to read more about them earlier in the newscast.

The whole segment had that late 1990's feel of, "hey, we're hip...see?...we've got this thing called a "website"...go check it out!"  I figured all the major networks were past that stage.



It drives me crazy when old media like radio and TV seem to really struggle with the Internet. when Radio and TV first became public they were like the Internet of their day and cutting edge. We have a local station who literally talks about their "blogspot" but it's kind of obvious they just heard the name somewhere and are not using the free blogger service.

David N. Welton

In Italy, for some odd reason, late at night, the TV news covers what's on the front pages of a variety of newspapers.


Sounds like site traffic was falling and the station was making a push to satisfy advertisers.

Mark Long

It's like that old episode of The Simpsons where Homer says, "I hear they have the Internet on computers now!"

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